Get the essential Catholic theological framework that provides you with the underpinnings of our faith so you can be a better catechist, Catholic school teacher, parish volunteer, parent—or simply as a disciple. 

The course will give you the toolbox you need to understand your faith more fully and will provide you with a vocabulary to explain, perhaps defend, what it is that you believe. 

Come learn and grow in your journey of discipleship and discover the beauty of the Church’s intellectual tradition. 


Learning into Action 

Each session will be taught by experienced professors and practitioners. The final part of each day will be round table discussion by cohorts (such as school leaders, parish leaders, parents, lay disciples, etc). This will give participants the opportunity to talk about putting the learning into practice given their circumstances. 


Sessions are scheduled to be in-person at St. Pius V Parish in Providence (8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.).  

* Classes will be live-streamed in cases of inclement weather. 


$395 per person

* If you have financial need please reach out to us. 

Need more information, please call the Office of Faith Formation 401-278-4646.